Decor With Hearts

Fun For Valentine’s Day Or Anytime

It’s fun to decorate with hearts in red or pink or any color at Valentine’s Day. But you can put them up any time of year. Hearts are a reflection and a reminder of the love in your home.

Here is some fun and adorable decor with hearts for you to consider. Whether you want wall art or a wreath or a garland, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on decor with hearts that you’re going to find and there are tons of items to choose from.

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Heart Shaped Wall Stickers

Heart Shaped Wall Stickers

These fun stickers can go up on a painted wall and be removed later without damaging the paint. They’re a great way to add some temporary decoration to a wall for a holiday or just because.
Just because these stickers can be removed doesn’t mean they aren’t durable. If you want to leave them up long term, they’ll stay up.
You could use these to decorate a kid’s room or put one above the couch in the living room. They’ll look nice anywhere.

Heart Shaped Wall StickersHeart Shaped Wall Stickers


Heart Shaped Wreaths

These would look good on the door or just hanging on the wall. The one on the left has little foil hearts that twinkle when the light hits them just right and the one on the right is made of pretty artificial flowers.

Heart Shaped Garland

This heart shaped garland is made of paper and would be adorable strung up in the living room for a party or in a kid’s room just because it’s fun.

A Few More Decor Items With Hearts

NorthLight Red Lighted Valentines Day Twinkling Heart Icicle Lights - Red Wire, Set Of 3

This lighted heart shaped decoration would look really nice in your front window at night. It could also be put on a wall or anywhere you might want a cute lighted display.


These heart cut outs are made to be hung from the trees outside or from the roof of your porch. You can also hang them inside. They’d be really cute hanging from the ceiling in a kid’s room.


Finding, Gold Wire Wrapped Heart Frame (2)

This is wire frame. You could put a picture in it or leave it as is. It’s all metal and would look really nice hanging on the wall inside or outside.


Firefly Craft Rustic Burlap Heart Ornaments, Package of 12

These cute heart shaped ornaments are made of burlap. You get 12 of them in the package. You can hang them up anywhere indoors. Hang them on doorknobs or in your windows.


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