Melting Clocks

Time Is Just Melting Away

We all know that sometimes time feels like it’s standing still and other times it feels like it’s just speeding by. Now there’s a third option: It can be melting and running down the wall.

All of the clocks on this page are actual working clocks. They’re just made to look like they’re melted. If you have a whimsical side, these funny clocks can be great in any room.

Below you’ll find some fun melting clocks to consider. Whether you want wall clocks, desk clocks or mantel clocks, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on melting clocks that you’re going to find and there are several to choose from.

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Shelf Hanger Melting Clocks

You can set one of these so that it’s hanging off of a shelf or the edge of your desk. They’re made to look like they were once regular clocks that got too hot and started oozing toward the floor. In fact, it might be fun to tell people that that’s exactly what happened.

Chrome PlatedChrome PlatedGoldGold

Tabletop Melting Clock

This one is designed to sit on a table or desk. It also has an alarm function so you could put it on your bedside table and use it for an alarm clock. This style only comes in chrome plated.

Wall Melting Clocks

If you prefer to have your melting clock running down your wall, there are a few options for that too. You can get them in different colors/finishes and some of them are a bit more warped than others.

Modern Home Salvador Dali Inspired Melting Wall ClockMelting ClockMelting Clock

Mantel Melting Clocks

Bronze Finish Melting Mantel Clock Desk Table Dali

The clocks that are the most warped and twisted (and the funniest to look at) are the mantel clocks. These can sit on any flat surface, of course. But if you do put yours on a mantel above a fire place, you can tell people that it was a normal clock until one day you forgot to move it before you started a fire.

Whimsical Melting Mantel Clock Bronze Finish Dali-esqueMelting ClockMelting Clock

The Painting That Started It All

Here is the inspiration for all of these melting clocks. The Persistence of Memory was painted by Salvador Dali in 1931. This would look great on the wall framed or just as it is.

Discounted Melting Clocks

There are plenty more melting clocks on eBay:

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    A clock like this sure would be a conversation starter!

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    Oh I think these melting clocks are so fun and such a unique idea.

  3. These melting clocks are so cool; I imagine our clocks looking like this in July/August in South Texas. lol Love them!

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