The Retro Flip Clock

The Retro Flip Clock ~ A Nostalgic Item To Have On Your Desk

These clocks are reminiscent of days gone by. Back before the days of modern digital clocks, the flip clocks were very fashionable. They were a different way to telling time with no hands and no clock faces. They were different and that was cool.

A flip clock is not only functional but also fun. They’re cool to look at and they make that nifty sound whenever the numbers turn over. Every minute you hear a faint click as a new number appears.

Here are some retro flip clocks for you to consider. Whether you want one with a calendar too or without, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on flip clocks that you’re going to find and there are tons to choose from.

If you like the flip clock to the left,
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Retro Flip Clock With Telescopic Pipe

Retro Flip Clock With Calendar

All kinds of flippin’ going on here. Month, day and time.

If you have a hard time keeping track of what day it is, then these are for you. They have the date set conveniently right by the time.

You can get them with black or white cases or you can get one with an analogue clock but a flipping date.

Fartech Retro Modern 9.5Retro Modern Twemco German Quartz Calendar Wall Flip ClockRetro Flip Clock

Retro Flip Clock With Legs

Just so we’re clear, clocks don’t actually need legs. Some need hands and faces, but not legs. These clocks don’t actually walk around, they just look like they could. Their gorgeous gams are strictly for decorative purposes.

Some of these clocks have bendable legs that you can set to any angle you want and some have fixed legs.

More Retro Flip Clocks

Sometimes less is more. These retro flip clocks don’t have calendars (or legs). They don’t puree, dice or julienne. They just sit on your desk and tell time and look really cool doing it.

These are the basic models. They flip their numbers over and they tell time, but that’s all they do. If you just want a basic clock, any of these would be perfect.

Niceeshop Retro Flip Down Clock - Internal Gear OperatedniceEshop(TM) Retro Flip Down ClockJCC Jumbo Large Size Classic Retro Flip Page Down Wall Hanging Clock

Discounted Retro Flip Clock

You can get a lot of good deals on this kind of clock from eBay. Some of these will be newer clocks that are just made to look retro. Some of them may actually have been made when this type of clock was a new concept.

New Flip Alarm Clock Bed Bath & Beyond by Bed Bath & Beyond Black Color

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Flip Desk Shelf Clock - Classic Mechanical-Digital Display Battery Powered

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Retro Clock Bicycle Clock Creative Flip Clock Flip Down Clock Travel Clock White

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Unique Retro Auto Flip Clock Cube Desk Table Wall Kitchen Simple Modern Design

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Retro Table Flip Over Clock Flip Internal Gear Operated Quartz Clock Novel D3X7

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5 Responses to The Retro Flip Clock

  1. Hamish says:

    Those are cool. I like the first one best.

    I actually like the sound they make when they flip over. It reminds me a bit of the noise you used to get in railway stations (in the UK at least) years ago when all of the schedules used to flip over at once. You had to wait till they stopped to find out if your train was on time (once again – in the UK at least – and it was usually delayed).

    Not exactly the same thing with the clocks – but they are a nice throwback to the same 70s/80s era all the same.

  2. Dianne says:

    I had forgotten about flip clocks. I didn’t know you could still get them. Cool!

  3. Susan says:

    What a great looking retro clock, It would be great fun in a kitchen too.

  4. Joan Adams says:

    Oh these are fun clocks indeed ! I want one with the crazy legs!

  5. Aysha says:

    Man I love these cool retro styled clocks!

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