Tiger Bathroom Decor

Tiger Stripes Can Be A Fun Way To Liven Up The Bathroom

There are a lot of cute options whenever it comes to tigers in the bathroom. You can get tiger stripes on your shower curtain and a tiger on your bath towels or the other way around. If you like just the tiger striped pattern, there are lots of items available in black and orange or in black and white. If you admire the beauty of the big cats, there are plenty of items available with their pictures.

Here is some beautiful tiger bathroom decor for you to consider. Whether you want shower curtains or towels or other items for your bathroom, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on tiger bathroom decor that you’re going to find and there are tons of items to choose from.

If you like the tiger to the left,
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White Tiger Cotton Beach Towel

Tiger Shower Curtains

Walking Tiger Shower Curtain

The shower curtain is usually the biggest thing in your bathroom. When you go in there and look around, it’s the thing that makes the biggest impact. So get one that really stands out and is really beautiful.

Here are several tigers and white tigers on shower curtains. Or if you prefer, you can just get tiger stripes.


Tiger Shower CurtainTiger 1216 AJ Shower CurtainBlack & White Beautiful Tiger Head Wildlife Shower CurtainTiger Shower CurtainTiger In The Snow Shower CurtainNatural Wild Tiger Stripes Shower Curtain


Tiger Animal Print Shower Curtain Hook Set

If you need some tiger shower curtain rings to go with your new shower curtain, here are some cute ones with a tiger print on them.


Tiger Bath Towels

White Tiger Huge Face Velour Beach Towel

As with the shower curtains, you can get your towels with beautiful images of tigers, white tigers or just a fun tiger pattern.

Of course, you can use these towels, but they might also be nice hanging on the wall or used as part of a display.

Bengal Tiger Towel Wonder Tiger Endanger Wildlife 5616White Tiger Print Beach Towel 100% Cotton 30Golden Tigers Print Beach Bathroom Towel Cotton Fabric


Tiger Bathroom Accessories

Here are a few more things you just might love to make your tiger themed bathroom complete. You can get tiger striped knobs for your drawers. You can have a soap dish with a tiger guarding your bar of soap. You can a bath rug and even a nightlight with tiger stripes. And if you like, you can have a tiger hold your towel for you. (The towel holder would go nicely with the toilet paper holder at the top of this page.)

Tiger Stripe Ceramic Drawer KnobTiger Stripe Ceramic Drawer KnobTiger Stripe Ceramic Drawer KnobTiger Stripe Ceramic Drawer KnobTiger Fur Night LightTiger Fur Night LightBengal Tiger Soap DishBengal Tiger Soap DishWhite Tiger Sculptured Bath Tissue HolderWhite Tiger Sculptured Bath Tissue HolderTiger Bath MatTiger Bath Mat


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Tiger Bathroom Decor

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